myCols shows you all the information about known climbs such as the Ventoux, Stelvio or Alpe d’Huez. At the moment the app contains more than 3800 climbs for the cyclist and add more every week.

Detailed information of the hill, climb or col

Every col or climb in myCols contains the following information: length, height difference, average gradient, starting point, region / country, exact profile (including gradient per 100 m / 1 km), gps position for google maps

Search for climbs and cols near your location

Based on your GPS position from your iphone you can see which climbs are near you.    

Detailed profile of every climb

Every climb has an profile of the % gradient per 100, 200, 300, 500, 1000, 2000m based on the length of the climb. Also the most steepest sector is emphasised.

Search for climbs, cols and places

You can search on name, place of gps position.

Comments from professionals

What do the professional riders say about those climbs, côtes, hills or cols?

Connect to Strava

To see which climbs you did in the past, connect our app to Strava, and see when and in what time you conquered the col and the ones you still need to master.


Here are some screenshots of the iphone app.

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What they say about myCols

  • Handy to know what you will be up against when tackling the legendary mountains of Europe!

    iCols mentioned in CyclingWeeking (11-03-2010)

  • I have not had a moment of regret of the money. Are you a cyclist who climbs a lot? Then iCols is almost indispensable!

    Dutch website racefietsblog. (13-03-2013)

  • For all hobby cyclists, professional cyclists or people who just keep want challenge.

    iCols reviewed by dutch website iPhoneclub (11-09-2009)